Menstrual Sponges

What are menstrual sponges?

These are natural sea sponges that can be used (and reused) as a tampon. Sponges

 How do they work?

They are used like tampons, and can’t be felt at all when they are worn.  They feel slightly hard and scratchy when dry but are soft and malleable when wet.  You rinse them under the tap before inserting, like a regular tampon.  When they are ready to change you feel a slightly heavy sensation – just change one for the other and rinse in water then leave it to air dry.

If you want you can tie some dental floss around them to aid removal but to be honest they can’t ‘get lost’ as they gradually move downwards as they absorb the menstrual blood.

At the end of your period, you can disinfect your sponges in vinegar and then store your sponges in the cotton bag.  Each sponge lasts around 6 months.

 Are they safe to use?

Just like regular, disposable tampons, sea sponges are not sterile.  They are as safe to use as single use tampons if you follow the same hygiene guidelines and change them regularly.  As they are natural, you will need to check them before first use for bits of coral or grit.

 “Pink’s Sponges”

This year, we are launching our very own range of menstrual sponges – “Pink’s Sponges”.  We had trouble with our previous sponges from Florida as these were affected by the oil spill a few years ago and so we have sourced our sponges from the Mediterranean.  This should ensure reliability of supply as well as reducing the carbon footprint of our stock.  It also means “Pink’s Sponges” are competitively priced – an important consideration for many in the current economic climate.

 Which ones are right for me?

We currently have two sizes of sponge – regular and large.  The regular are 2-2.5 inches and the large 3-3.5.  The regular are suitable for women with average flow, the large for heavier periods.  In response to feedback from customers, you can also choose to have one of each size to accommodate your unique needs.  In addition, you can trim your sponges for your comfort.

We love the sponges as they are easy to use, environmentally friendly, natural and cost-effective.